The world is a scary place. For parents as well as children. Explaining the concepts of personal safety to children in a way that is empowering without being scary is very difficult. Yet, it is very needed. We are passionate about talking to kids about safety all the time. Safety is an every day, on the toilet, brushing your teeth, what's for dinner type of conversation. As we try it on our own kids, we are sharing here. We would love to hear from you about what works for YOUR kids. Subscribe to our newsletter. 

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Did you know Looking Both Ways is Not Enough? Here's a great kid-created 1 minute video with the Ultimate Safety Song.

Take a minute (literally not more) and watch it with your own kids and share with their friends and your loved ones. Once you hear it, we hope it will stick in your head and theirs, every time you cross the street.

Street Smart

They say every parent has a recurring fear. Not just the running-out-of-wine type of fear, but one about a particular way their child can get hurt. For me, it's getting hit by a car.

10 Scary Things You Should Tell Your Children

We live in an increasingly complicated world and we all want our kids to grow up happy and carefree, but it’s important to remember to teach our kids common sense too, even if you end up scaring them a little bit. 

Cop Lesson #1: Awareness is Key

By making conversations that raise awareness a part of your daily life, you don't frighten kids, you empower them. Here's a game I play with my own kids to build their "awareness muscle".