Featured Video: Eye of the Driver

Did you know Looking Both Ways is Not Enough? Some kids got motivated to create a great PSA for crossing the street safely. It’s a 1 minute video with the Ultimate Safety Song. Take a minute (literally not more) and watch it with your own kids and share with their friends and your loved ones. Once you hear it, we hope it will stick in your head and theirs, every time you cross the street.

Want to sing along? Find our lyrics here.

A Child's Toolbox

Eyes, Voice, and Feet are the most important tools a kid can use to stay safe. Quick advice on making kids more aware. 

Play Help vs. Serious Help

Teach kids to learn the difference between a play yell and a serious yell. Practice it. 

Personal Safety Summary

A summary of all the Big Lessons for Little People. 

The Head Tap Game

A quick game to increase kid's peripheral vision and build their awareness muscle. 

Talking to Your Kids

Talking to your kids about personal safety.


Eye of the driver safety can be fun!

Special thanks to Master T and CPTKD: Central Park Taekwondo for the generous
use of space and talent.