The Top 6 Things You Should Tell Your Kids About Crossing The Street

Looking both ways is not enough. Here are 6 things to tell your kids about crossing the street.

1. Looking both ways is not enough.
When you are crossing a street, it’s not just BOTH ways, it is also BEHIND you to look for turning cars. Don’t assume a car has seen you and will yield.

2. Eye of the Driver.
Make sure the driver has acknowledged your presence and come to a stop before crossing.

3. Every Street, Every Time.
It’s not just when convenient or you have time. It’s every street, every time.

4. No Devices.
There is no need to text, talk, play or read when crossing a street. Ever. Parents and kids.

5. Stay on the Sidewalk.
Don’t stand in the street waiting to cross. You don’t get there any faster and this is the easiest safety fix for everyone.

6. Bright Colors Pop.
Bright colored jackets are more easily seen by drivers. If you have a choice in colors, go bright and stay safe.